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Where I Give



Where I Give offers a user-friendly experience and is browser-based; which means users can donate wherever there's internet access.


Users can setup their giving arrangements and not worry about it again. It's fast and simple. Set it and forget it.


  • NO setup fee

  • NO monthly fee

  • .37 per transaction fee applies

  • Detailed giving reports

  • One time donations

  • Recurring donations

  • Transaction splits available

  • Donations take 5-7 business days to be deposited due to Federal Reserve Regulations.

  • Where I give only allows for donation size of $9000 or less.


Where I Give uses state of the art web technology to ensure that all data stays encrypted and secure.

Exodus 35:5

Take from among you an offering to the Lord: everyone who has the impulse in his heart, let him give his offering to the Lord; gold and silver and brass

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